How do I submit a work order?
Just fill out our Work Order Form and attach your file! Keep in mind, the questions on our form are carefully considered, but our understanding of your project depends on your effort to communicate the project effectively.

If I submit a work order, will I be contacted before the work is started if I don’t request an estimate?
Yes, unless you have checked the “Go Ahead” option on the work order form.

What is the “Go Ahead” option?
Giving us the “Go Ahead” implies your acknowledgement of the risks of our machines. This absolves our staff of responsibility for the feasibility of customer designs and adherence to any information not included in the work order (unless a revision is communicated via email). You may still be notified if we feel that your work order is lacking detail and/or your file does not follow our file preparation guidelines.

I submitted a work order, but I received a response declining my project, why?
Metrix Create:Space reserves the right to refuse work orders. This could be due to your project’s budget/timeline, the materials/tools/machinery required, or a breech of our ethical standards and practices as a business.

What machines do you have?
A list of our machines is available here.

Do I need to know how to use your machines?
No, all of our machines are employee-run. While most “makerspaces” are non-profit and/or corporate-sponsored, we are a small business that is best described as an all-in-one fabrication studio and incubator. The functions of our fabrication studio are comparable to a printshop: Employee-run machinery insures greater quality control and consistency. Our machines are complicated, delicate, and fussy, and most importantly, we are financially responsible for all maintenance and repairs! 

Do I need to provide extra material?
We have extensive experience with a wide range of materials and access to a solid database of settings. Extra material is not required, but we highly recommend providing us with scrap/backup material. This gives us the option to test our settings and the ability to run a quick “redo” should the machines malfunction. Cutting/Etching of untested materials will require destructive testing for laser settings and/or an MSDS data sheet for toxicity.   Laser cutting is a subtractive process and satisfactory results cannot be 100% guaranteed. Testing on one-of-a-kind items is not recommended.

What materials do you have?
Materials provided by the shop are subject to stock/availability. If the material/dimensions/color requested is not currently for sale in the shop, we will respond to your work order with further information.

Is there a charge for providing my own material?
No, there is no charge for providing your own material.

Where can I buy the material I need?
Information on local merchants is available here.

What is the turn-around time for fulfilling a work order submission?
Turn-around time for completion is heavily dependent on the project itself. In general, every work order is treated as a rush job and our machines are queued on a first-come, first-served basis. We strive to respond to all work orders the same day they are received (with the exception of Sundays). 

Are estimates firm price agreements?
No, estimates are not quotes. Although we pride ourselves on our meticulous process and the accuracy of our estimates, no estimated price is guaranteed. Once the work is started, if there is a significant disparity in our original estimate, we will pause (pending your approval to proceed) to contact you with an updated estimate.

Is there a charge for requesting an estimate?
Estimates are always free of cost and commitment, however, estimates take time and may displace your project in the queue.

I’m on a tight timeline and/or budget, how and where do I disclose this?
You can include any relevant information about your deadline/budget in the Brief Description of Project/Work Required field of your work order form.

What do I need to know before I create a file for the laser?
Information on preparing files for the laser is available here.

What do I need to know before I create a file for the 3D printer?
Information on preparing files for the 3D printer is available here.

Can I provide my own filament for the 3D printer?
Yes. If you would like a specific color or type of filament (dissolvable filament, for example) that we do not stock, you may provide this to us at no additional cost. Due to the limitations of our machines, customers should always confirm our material printing capabilities prior to purchasing material for a project. Please be aware that we cannot currently print in flexible materials (i.e. Ninjaflex).

What do I do if I’m still confused about how to create a file for my project?
Our file preparation page pre-supposes a basic skill set in digital design programs. If you are interested in working with us without any previous digital design experience:
Information on additional educational resources (online) is available here.
Information on our workshops on digital design programs and techniques is available here.

Can you create a file for my project?
Yes, we can create a file for you. You will need to describe the design work in the Brief Description of Project/Work Required field of your work order form and/or schedule a consultation appointment.