One of the best things about developing software is the ability to quickly iterate.  Here is how we're bringing you that ability with the Open Hardware Lab.  This limited test took us about two hours, start to finish.  We are working on building a library of the Metrix Open Hardware Lab Common BOM so we can do this with a much larger parts library.   Those of you who have been coming to Circuit Church have been getting a sneak peek at some of the capabilities, but it is still currently a work in progress.

First we create a schematic and PCB layout in Upverter.  


panel by mattw 98771ce1a9ade4fe - Upverter

We use the protolaser in the circuits lab to drill, route and ablate your PCB

The Pick and Place dispenses solder paste on every SMT pad.

After solder paste, parts are picked from reel, tube or tray and placed on your board.

Once all parts are placed and visually inspected, the board is placed into the Infrared Reflow Oven.


Test your circuit!