Mentoring and Business Development

Mentoring and Business Development.

Metrix has had several successful businesses spring from its walls, and encourages its community to mentor and guide new ventures on their path towards success.  Often you will find others like you building a business, a prototype for kickstarter or a brand.  Although it is not technically an incubator, or an accelerator, Metrix Create:Space acts as a magnet and launchpad for new and innovative businesses.


Metrix Create:Space has been a part of many local Kickstarters, and the number keeps growing as time moves on.  For the ones that we've been closely involved with, all have successfully shipped in a timely manner. 

Crowdfunding is an amazing opportunity for the entrepreneur and product designer.  Our free advice?  Be realistic.  Listen to those who have been through the process, and make sure your plan covers even the unexpected.  Always deliver.