Metrix Create:Space BLE Workshop Resources

BLE112 Resources

You can find all of the programming guides, instructions, and SDK here.

You can find sample firmware for the BLE112 modules here.

Check out the BLE112 page here.

You can find the slides to the last workshop here.

Files to Install

1. Install the Android SDK and Eclipse. Even better if you've made an app or two to get a feel for how Android works. If you need help doing this, check out this link:

2. Install the BlueGiga SDK. This is what we'll use to program for the BLE module in the class. You can find the SDK in the big zip file under BLE112 resources above.

Board Resources

We prefer that you use Upverter to design your BLE project. You can find a sample Upverter project here.


If you want to use Eagle, we also have a sample project that you can download to get started: Eagle BLE112 Demo

Make sure you have the latest SparkFun libraries installed, because they have lots of helpful parts:

Android App Resources

We have an Android App available here.

This app allows you to explore the Services and Characteristics available on a BLE peripheral. If you select a characteristic, you'll read it. If you long-click on the characteristic, it'll let you write to it (if you have permission).