Our walk-in rates are designed to get you in the door making your ideas reality quickly.



Bottomless Toolbox $5/hr

Soldering Room $15/hr

Textile Machines $10/hr or $25/day

Embroidery $0.50-$1/square inch + tool rate


Laser $3/min runtime + material *

CNC Router and Mill $50 set-up fee + $5/minute

Plastic Printer $0.50/min, materials included.

Powder Printer $35 minimum run, $200 full sled, materials included

42" Paper Printer $7/linear foot

Vinyl Cutter $0.50-$0.75/square inch

Advanced Circuit Lab PCB Fabrication - See CircuitLab Rates

Discounts are available with Membership

Internet is free, as is (self-service) coffee. Snacks and refreshments are marked at the counter and/or vending machine.



Basic Membership $50/mo

  • Bottomless Toolbox: $2/hour
  • Soldering Room: $12/hour
  • Laser: $2.00/min*
  • PCB Fabrication: No laser minimum
  • Textiles Machines: $4/hour or $10/day
  • $10 discount on workshops
  • Members only wifi

Full Membership $100/mo

  • Bottomless Toolbox: Included
  • Soldering Room: Included
  • Textiles Machines: Included
  • Laser: $1.60/min*
  • CNC Router: $50 set-up + $4/minute
  • Makerbot: $.40/min
  • PCB Fabrication: No laser minimum
  • $15 discount on workshops
  • Members only wifi

Textiles Membership: $35/mo

  • Bottomless Toolbox: Included
  • Textiles Machines: Included
  • Textiles Workshops: $10 discount
  • Members only wifi

Corporate plans are also available


*$.50/min malodorous material charge if applicable. 

Ask us about our batch rates. To use self-serve facilities, check in with the labcoat on duty. To have a job run by an employee, email an EPS, DXF, or STL file. We will not put any customer thumb drives into our computers.

These are our rates as of the last update to this page, and may change without notice.