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Meet Christina Cyr, Creator of the Cyrcle Phone

Meet Christina Cyr, Creator of the Cyrcle Phone

Regulars at Metrix are familiar with the brilliant Christina Cyr, one of our favorite folks. Christina is the creator of the Cyrcle, a smartphone designed for women and the premier product for Christina's company dToor, specializing in feminine-forward, non-rectangular designs. 

The Cyrcle


The Cyrcle is open sourced and features a circular shape. The choice to go curved is utilitarian as much as it's aesthetic: women's pockets--think fitted jeans--are rounded and not as deep as men's. Long, rectangular tablet-style phones chronically jut out of our pockets and are awkward when we sit. Much of our clothing is not even made with pockets. With this in mind, Christina brings us her invention, fitting comfortably and with an option to clip onto clothes. Christina asks: "Why should women--who are smartphone superusers--be forced to communicate through a second device?" Rather than tie ourselves to cables and headsets, we can now enjoy the functionality of the original device without accoutrements and slippage. 

In late February, Christina debuted dToor and the Cyrcle in Barcelona for the 2016 Mobile World Congress, as part of the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) startup hall. The Mobile World Congress is the largest event in the industry, peaking this year at over 110,000 attendees. A smashing success, dToor was interviewed by UK, French and Spanish journalists. Folks were especially excited that dToor is woman-led, founded and owned--and it's no secret tech development fields are typically male-dominated across the board. Christina says many people were skeptical about the Cyrcle until they held, felt and pocketed it--then they asked where they could buy it, underscoring that touch and physicality still tap into our most basic sensibilities even as we interact with machines as much as with each other. 

What's next for Christina and the Cyrcle? dToor is offering a limited release of the prototype on Kickstarter this August. Until then, look out for Christina when you visit Metrix--she teaches Intro to Electronics workshops with us and is always enthusiastic to chat, learn and share. 

dToor at 2016 Mobile World Congress

Enter: Holidays

Enter: Holidays

Metrix Create Space is preparing for winter with bundles of fun events and workshops. This October we have tons of electronics workshops to get you in the mood to fix that inevitable broken heater this winter, or finish that crazy invention you have. Check the Buy & Learn section for all the info!

Thinking about fixing, making, tailoring, and/or electrifying a costume for Halloween this year? Come sew it up at Metrix! We have a Juki industrial sewing machine, Kenmore, Surgers and more for your creative enjoyment. Stop by anytime during shop hours to get sewing today!

If you're looking to spook up your house or spook your friends with haunting cards and decorations, please look no further but our laser-cutter. We can help you craft a unique card or decoration then cut it out on our laser from various materials. It'll be terrifying!

Finally, we are celebrating 6 years here on Capitol Hill, check the calendar  to see if you can make the party!

-Metrix Team

Arduinos, PCBs, IoT ...Oh My!

Arduinos, PCBs, IoT ...Oh My!

Are you ready for the wave? Coming up in July, 7-25-26 we will be hosting a series of educational workshops about the Internet of Things.  In this 2-day course, Building Internet of Things Devices,  you'll learn to use the ESP8622 module to develop connected devices in IoT. The course will also provide the knowledge base to utilize the module with micro-controllers such as Arduino and others. It is not required to attend both sessions, but highly recommended!

$50 to sign up (per day). Materials Required: laptop. Optional: Bring your own modules / micro-controllers.

Check the links below for more detail on each lesson.

Day 1 of IoT
Day 2 of IoT

Sign up for these workshops on our Calendar or Buy & Learn page.  You can always email, call, or stop in the shop with questions!

Bleep, bloop.

Bleep, bloop.

Hey!  We've got an exciting series of workshops put together by resident engineer and awesome instructor Morgan Redfield.  It's the Light Sensitive Theremin Edition: in three parts!

First up of the series is Intro to Schematic Design. Morgan will guide you through making electronics schematics, which is the first step in both properly documenting and moving from the breadboard to custom made circuit boards. You'll learn how to do this on Upverter, a cloud-engineering platform for hardware design. This is a great chance to ask specific questions about using this platform and  discuss how to plan and go about designing your schematic. 

Next up is Intro to PCB Design-- you will learn to turn the light sensitive theremin schematic into a circuit board!  You will be guided through layout, finding parts and exporting a file that is ready for manufacturing. Fear this step no more, as you will learn to avoid common mistakes and ask an experienced engineer some specific advice that might help your future board-designing self. 

The last in the series is Intro to Surface Mount Soldering.  Have you become an expert with through-hole soldering and are ready to move further? Surface mount soldering is a powerful skill, you enter the world of tiny components which are used in most devices today.  You will learn hands on how to populate and solder an SMD circuit board and go home confident that you have a working board. 

You can read up more or sign up for these workshops on our Calendar or Buy & Learn page.  You can always email, call, or stop in with questions!


And then there was wifi..wait, where!?

If you haven't checked out the Kickstarter video for the Arachnio, then we suggest that you get to it. 


Next Wednesday the 15th, Pierce Nichols will be holding a Q&A session here at Metrix to answer all of your questions about his new open source Arduino variant, the ARACHNIO.  You can just come and show your support, or talk to him about your home automation ideas. 

We're really excited for this. 


That's not all, there is the ArachnoProto, a prototyping expansion board for the Arachnio, and the Arachnode-- a companion board that integrates a solar Li-Po battery charger, a real time clock, and a micro SD card.

Mark your calendars for 4/15! There will be refreshments and snacks. 


January and February Workshops

We have new winter workshops scheduled! Check out our calendar and the Buy and Learn page to see what's kicking off our 2015. Whether it's the ever popular Intro to Arduino or Intro to Electronics, get started on tinkering with the basics and surprise your friends!

When you are ready to venture into the interactive aspects of Arduino, check out the Mobile Sensors: Analog & Digital, Digital Communications with Arduino or get down with designing something portable with Connected Arduino: Bluetooth & Wifi.  

Take the Intro to Soldering workshop and get comfortable with soldering through hole components, wire to wire, and populating a small circuit board with LEDs, microcontroller and associated components. Learn a bit about surface mount soldering, and get familiarized with our soldering facilities here at Metrix. 

Did you receive a gift card from a loved one?  Lucky you.  Come learn/make something awesome! 

December Kids' Workshop

December Kids' Workshop

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Please head to our Buy + Learn page to enroll your children (ages 5+) in the December 20th 2014 Holiday workshop. Come anytime between 5-9pm to create and decorate a memorable masterpiece. Cost is $25+tax/object. Includes all materials and supplies. Children must have supervision. See you there!

Workshops Now Up Through December

We've got a whole spate of workshops up for the fall and early winter, plus plans for some mega-workshops after Christmas. (Don't worry-- we'll have them up in time to give them as gifts!)

The workshops basically fall into a couple of "tracks": A super comprehensive electronics track, which will actually take you from zero to making a custom robot in just a few months, a fabrics track that includes designing, repairing AND electrifying your clothes, a software track, and a couple of very exciting craft-oriented workshops.

The electronics track starts with Intro to Electronics (10/7), Intro to Arduino (10/14), and a new Mobile Sensors mega-workshop (10/18 and 10/19). Those three workshops are so complimentary, we're also offering them as a combo pack, which is $30 off registering for them individually. After that, the track continues with Intro to Soldering (10/21) and Connected Arduino: Bluetooth & Wifi (11/8 and 11/9), which sets you up to confidently assemble your prototype circuit, and let it work without being tethered to a USB cable. 

The fabrics track starts with Basic Clothing Repair (10/1) and continues with E-Textiles (11/12) and Custom-Fit Patternmaking (12/3). Basic Clothing repair is perfect if you always wear through your clothes in the same place or want to get basic sewing skills. E-Textiles will guide you through adding accelerometer-triggered LED pixels to a garment you bring, letting you twinkle when you move. The Custom-Fit Patternmaking class lets you walk out with bodice and sleeve pattern pieces that fit your body perfectly, meaning a whole world of perfectly fitting shirts and jackets awaits. (Keep your eyes open for a Custom Corset-Making workshop in the new year!)

Under the software umbrella is an intro to an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop program for App Design for Android (10/25), and Intro to Inkscape (11/19), which will let you design for the lasercutter.

And finally, we have a more experimental-crafts workshop in Spooky Sounds: Make Your Own Optical Theremin (10/26). In this workshop, you'll build a simpler version of a "true" theremin, then experiment with noises you can coax from it. This is a great one to take if you're less technical or with kids, but you still want to dip a toe into the world of hacking.

As always, call, email, or come in to learn more about these workshops. Happy fall!

Holy Workshops, Batman!

Holy Workshops, Batman!

Hey! Did you notice we just put up a bunch of new workshops? You'll find Metrix classics like electronics and soldering, plus new workshops in old capabilities, like a new textiles class focused on clothing repair. 

The joy of Intro to Electronics

The joy of Intro to Electronics

First up is Intro to Electronics with member/engineer/sailor Pierce Nichols. He'll guide you through building your first basic circuits, and send you home with an electronics starter kit. Total beginners totally welcome. For more information on that or our other offerings, hop over to the calendar page, give us a call at (206) 357-9406, or stop by!

#BTBootcamp: Optimize your World with Bluetooth Low Energy

Our redesigned two-day Bluetooth Low Energy workshop was incredibly successful, leaving enough space in the curriculum for a robust question-and-answer, plus independent work time with access to our facilitating EE, Morgan Redfield. We had participants coming from as far as Spokane to be a part of our unique mix of intensive technical education, banter with our Capitol Hill walk-in public, and free-flowing Cafe Vita dark roast. 

August 2 and 3, we are building on that success with another Bluetooth Low Energy weekend intensive. In this workshop, you'll build on any existing app design and electronics knowledge to learn how Bluetooth Low Energy works, what makes it different from Bluetooth Original, and everything you need to design, assemble, and test a custom circuit board/custom app pair.

You could build a phone-controlled cat toy. Or you could equip your house to only heat whatever room you (and your phone) are in. You could have your oven remind you to turn it off before you leave the house. Dream big! 

In order to get the most out of this workshop, you will need some base knowledge in electronics and/or app design plus an idea of what you'd like to accomplish. However, people of all experience levels and even a particularly brilliant teenager have participated and made huge progress.

Your $400 registration gets you eight hours of active instruction from Morgan Redfield, who specializes in Bluetooth Low Energy and wearable electronics, plus a custom prototype circuit board with same-day turnaround ($100-180 value). To sign up, stop by the shop, call us at (206) 357-9406, or register online.

Made at Metrix: BLE Temperature Sensor

Tom Lanhaus, a participant in one of our Bluetooth Low Energy mega-workshops, put up a great YouTube video showing off his finished project. Tom came into the workshop with almost no hardware or Android experience, and designed a working temperature sensor that communicates wirelessly with his phone.

Check it out, and stay tuned for the next session of the Bluetooth Low Energy mega-workshop, planned for late summer.

Metrix Pro Tip

the record player at Metrix Create:Space has priority one.

the record player at Metrix Create:Space has priority one.

Staff on shift picks the music.  But vinyl is priority one.  Bring a record and you get to listen to what you want, no unreasonable dead air or it switches back.

Artist in Residence: Pieces of Desire Chessboard and Puzzle

Artist in Residence: Pieces of Desire Chessboard and Puzzle

I want to let you win but I do not know how /  Voglio farti sincere ma non so come

I want to let you win but I do not know how /  Voglio farti sincere ma non so come

Created as part of my Artist Residency at Metrix Create: Space, this word-puzzle chessboard is a collaboration with fellow artist and author Lauren Banka. Words by Duncan Smith. Laser-cut and engraving on acrylic mirror, purple and silver. 

-- Iole Alessandrini

Bluetooth Low Energy Boot Camp is Back

The Bluetooth Low Energy workshops that we offered through IndieGoGo last month were hugely popular, and we've had a lot of requests for another. We went through the feedback from the past set of workshops and totally revamped the curriculum. The workshop will now span two days (May 31 and June 1) to give people a chance to soak up the information at a more reasonable pace.

Day one of the new and improved BLE boot camp will be a grounding in the basics of BLE hardware and firmware with instructor Morgan Redfield. Then we set you loose to design the hardware side of your dream BLE project! After the workshop ends at 5, go out on the town while elves cut your circuit boards in the night-- or, hang out with the elves and watch our laser go. 

On day two of our Bluetooth Low Energy class, Morgan will prepare you to design an Android app to go with that sweet board you designed on day one. After that, the remaining workshop time is devoted to assembly and testing. Support will be available until 5, but feel free to stay later if you're on a roll.

You'll need a Windows laptop and a basic understanding of electronics and programming. Not sure if you're ready? Shoot us an email. The $400 registration fee covers two days of instruction plus board fabrication and all project-standard components. 

Spots in this workshop are expected to go fast, so jump on it. You can call us at 206-357-9406 or come in to sign up. It's designed as a two-day workshop, so you cannot register for one day only.

Intro to Electronics May 7: Prepare for the Robot Revolution

Intro to Electronics May 7: Prepare for the Robot Revolution

Comrades! When the glorious robot dawn arrives, electronics knowledge will be the only way to earn nutrition pellets. Get a head start on the rest of the humans with this tried and true Intro to Electronics class.

Instructor Pierce Nichols (of Logos Electromechanical and Curiosity Hacked) will provide an overview of basic electronics concepts and lead you through simple circuits with basic components like LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and potentiometers. You'll walk out with a starter kit of basic electronics bits to jump-start your next project. 

Intro to Electronics pairs great with Intro to Op Amps (May 28) and Intro to Arduino (June 11).

May 7, 7-9 pm. $50 fee covers all materials-- just show up ready to learn. Kids and absolute beginners welcome. To sign up, drop by the shop or call us at 206-357-9406.

New Workshop: Intro to Digital Electronics

New Workshop: Intro to Digital Electronics

OK, so you know the difference between voltage and amperage, and you've built enough blinking LED circuits to give yourself a headache. But what's the difference between a pull-up and a pull-down resistor? How do you talk to a 3.3V sensor with a 5V microcontroller? Intro to Digital Electronics sets you up to understand the logic behind sophisticated circuits and design your own from scratch. 

This workshop pairs awesomely with Intro to Electronics for a thorough grounding, or with our weekly Circuit Church circuit design exercise, so you can branch out and get really unique boards made. 

You'll bring a laptop and Intro to Electronics-level knowledge; we'll supply an Adafruit Trinket and the expertise.

Topics covered will include basic digital concepts (edges, levels, active low/high, open
collector/drain, pull ups/pull downs), buffers, Schmitt triggers, shift registers, level shifters, and pulse-width modulation.

April 23, 7-9pm, $50, all materials included. Stop by the shop or call us at 206-357-9406 to reserve your seat.

Intro to Arduino is back!

If you've been waiting and wondering when we're going to hold another Intro to Arduino workshop again, today is your lucky day! We are holding it again on Tuesday, April 1 at 7:00 pm, and there are still spaces available. 

Whether you've had a project in mind for a while or are looking for something new to try, we will help you get your feet wet with the Arduino platform. We will cover basic Arduino programming and both digital and analog input and output. Through a series of hand-on exercises, you will learn basic Arduino programming and how to interface with LEDs, switches, and potentiometers. We will be using the Sparkfun's Arduino compatible RedBoard for this class.

The $60 workshop rate covers all the materials and two and a half hours of instruction. To sign up, give us a call (206 357 9406) or come down to our space on Broadway.  A laptop is required.

We're the BLE of the Ball!

We're the BLE of the Ball!

Oh man. Support for our Indiegogo campaign to run intensive Bluetooth Low Energy workshops has been completely overwhelming. During the campaign itself, we blew past our goal, thanks in part to being tweeted by BoingBoing and BluetoothSIG.

We've continued to get emails since the campaign closed, from people who missed it but want to register, and from companies who want to support us.

We're thrilled to announce that Bluegiga will be providing the bluetooth modules themselves. We looked at a lot of modules before Bluegiga reached out to us, and they're really set apart by their ease of use and the phenomenal support material available on their website. We pride ourselves in being the most accessible, open-source makerspace around, so that feels like a great fit.

What you're seeing in this photo is the Bluegiga module on our BLE breakout board. That board is the secret sauce for your Bluetooth project-- the part that actually talks to your Android device. Right now, it's just letting you blink that LED with your phone. The part where it does something fancy? That's where you come in.

Also, did we mention we made it with lasers?

The official workshop dates are:

  • March 22 [SOLD OUT!]
  • April 5
  • April 19

We're still chasing down a couple of our Indiegogo backers, so we don't have exact numbers on how many spaces are available in each workshop, but we do know that they're all almost completely full. We will open the remaining spaces to the public on March 22 at $300 a seat. You'll want to move fast, because these spaces will go very quickly. If there's enough interest, we'll happily schedule a fourth date.

Excited? Got questions? Want to get on our radar as interested in those extra workshop spots? You can call the shop at (206) 357-9406, or contact workshop instructor Morgan Redfield at morgan@metrix.net. 

Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Workshop: On Indiegogo now!

Crowdfunding is something we generally stay behind-the-scenes with, but we think we've found something that really requires us to come out from behind the curtain.

Public intensive workshops are something that we've wanted to do for some time now.  We've done private workshops occasionally, but usually we have been approached with an idea, and then we've run with it.  They've always come out well, but our data has shown that advanced workshops are harder to promote and we've stayed with the Introduction series for the core of our workshop offerings.

With the addition of the LPKF and Advanced Circuit Lab, we have the ability to do something no other venue can.  We can take you through a complete design+build electronics exercise in a single day.

It's time for us to reach out.

From the campaign page...


Ever wanted an oven that would warn you if it was still on when you left the house? What about underwear that tells you when it needs washing? Are you making model rockets and you want to control them with your phone?   Maybe you just want to add another *thing* to the Internet, or learn the process of making electronics from scratch, soup to nuts.

After coming to our workshop, you'll have the hardware and the know-how to make it happen.

We are designing a workshop that will teach Android Developers how to use Bluetooth Low Energy in their own projects. By funding this campaign, you reserve your spot in this workshop. Your funds allow us to pre-order all of the parts that we need before you get here, give us an idea of the potential audience out there, and try out something new, without taking a whole lot of risk. 

When you come to this workshop, you will learn about BLE and you will get to make your very own custom BLE hardware device using Surface Mount Technology. 

The device will be a custom PCB, etched on site with a pre certified antenna module, so you wont need FCC approval on the radio.  The custom PCB will be designed by you, not us, but it can be forked from one of our open source reference designs.   We're going to not only provide you with the basics, we'll also have other parts on hand as well, so you can make more than just a simple beacon.

The workshop will cover:

  • An overview of Bluetooth Low Energy. What it is, how it works.
  • BLE Modules and how to use them in your schematic. 
  • Creating a schematic and PCB layout.
  • Rapid prototyping of PCB and SMT assembly
  • Basic BLE operations in Android.

The workshop will be in two 3 hour sections. The three hours will cover BLE and hardware. At the end of it you'll have a schematic and layout for a BLE module based board that suits your custom application.  

After a one hour break, the last half of the workshop will cover circuit assembly and programming.  

Workshops will be scheduled based on the number of people who donate. They will all be on a Saturday, and run from 12pm to 7pm with a 1 hour break in the middle.

Attendees should have a background in Android development and some electronics experience. Please bring a BLE enabled Android phone, a laptop set up for Android development, an account on upverter, and an idea.

tl;dr epic workshop coming, you have a week to sign up.  do it now.